Divorce Suit

In Christianity, marriage is considered to be eternal and lifelong union and therefore there is no mention of divorce or dissolution of marriage. Christian personal law also does not permit divorce. However, Christian divorce is possible on limited grounds. In Bangladesh, the Divorce Act of 1869 has mentioned provisions for the dissolution of Christian marriage [...]

Aviation Matter

Aviation matters are entertained by the High Court Division of Bangladesh. The present legal regulatory frame work for civil aviation activities in Bangladesh is the Civil Aviation Rules, 1984, and the Air Navigation Orders issued by the Chairman under this rule. As per provisions laid down in Civil Aviation Ordinance 1960 and Civil Aviation Rules [...]

Bank Company Application

Under Bank Companies Act, 1991 the High Court Division has the power to wind up a bank company. The High Court Division shall under this Act order the winding up of a banking company, if the banking company is unable to pay its debts; the bank company has been inhibited from receiving fresh deposits; the [...]

Financial Institution

The High Court Division has the authority to issue rule asking the authorities of financial institutions why their unauthorized activities should not be declared illegal. The High Court Division can direct any financial institution to perform its job as per laws, rules and regulations on application of any party. The High Court Division can also [...]

Arbitration Appeal & Application

An appeal or application under the Arbitration Act of 2001 must be filed with the High Court Division concerning the following issues: a) Setting aside or refusing to se aside an arbitral award, (a) Refusing to comply with the arbitral award, (c) Refusing to acknowledge or enforce foreign arbitral proceedings or award As mentioned above, [...]

Admiralty Suit

The High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has an original jurisdiction to deal with the cases of admiralty that extends to ships or vessels anchored at any port in Bangladesh. The laws or the Laws of the Sea under the admiralty and maritime legal services in Bangladesh, such as Bangladesh Merchant Shipping [...]

Trademark Appeal & Application

“Trademark” is a word, phrase, symbol or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. The  Trademarks Act, 2009 empowers the High Court Division to entertain several matters. In the following circumstances any person aggrieved may apply  to the High Court Division: For removal of register [...]

Income Tax Reference

The High court Tax Reference jurisdiction is unlike VAT and Customs is a permanent jurisdiction whereas per Tax Ordinance reference case can be filed. High Court can be entertain if a legal issue is involved against the decision of Appellate Tribunals. Our success rate before High court on Income tax matters is very high.  

Customs Appeal

Over customs issues High court by way of writ exercises it’s power where tribunals acted beyond its limit and where statute have not provided any remedy. Law for Nations has a long-standing practice in assisting clients in custom matters. Besides, advising clients on transactions we assist them in courts and tribunals.