An Agreement is a mutual assent between two or more persons to each other and is made of offer and acceptance. Section 25 of the Contract Act, 1872 states that “An agreement made without consideration is void” It must be in writing and be registered. In an agreement a person offers to other person who accepts the offer.

A memorandum of understanding is an agreement between two or more parties which is outlined in a written document. It defines the scope and purpose of the talks. A Memorandum of Understanding should have the Parties & Purpose. This is not just a series of documents; it follows a dream of a person.

An agreement or MOU is very significant because we know that it allows both of the party to clearly state their mind, objectives and actually what they assume form one another. We have a dynamic team on this behalf that are specialized in drafting contracts, agreement or partnership deeds. To make an appointment contact through our hotline number or mail us.