Industrialization brought a big change in our lifestyle and also in environment. During the last couple of years it has become a major issue of awareness towards environment. Environmental clearance is a kind of procedure to get the clean check on certain projects which may cause our environmental pollution from the government. In this regard government has made a hit list of certain projects which must need environmental clearance before opening the project or company etc.

According to the existing laws of Bangladesh, environmental clearance is now mandatory for any kind of factories. In our country Department of Environment has vested that power to issue certificates for the industrial projects and units.
Industrialization is the road to rapid economic development. Though, it affects environment in many ways like most of the time it produce toxic gas or toxic liquids. That is why environmental management system is necessary to reduce pollution. If you need Environmental clearance certificate in Bangladesh consult with us. We will give you a speedy remedy because we put our clients in our first priority.

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