ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is a method of resolving disputes out of the judicial process using a neutral third party. Apart from this it is an informal method other than court actions. Arbitration is a way of solving the dispute without going to the court. It can be used to settle any kind of dispute. […]

Marriage & Divorce

Bangladesh is growing vastly and the number of divorce and other family issues increasing day by day because of our differences between spouses, extramarital affairs and lifestyle difference and most importantly understanding issues. The best Marriage and divorce lawyer is a lawyer who has depth knowledge, legal experience and who know the consequences of every […]

Copyright Registration

Copyright “a right to copy” is a legal concept which gives the creator of an original work an exclusive right to the creator. Generally copyright deals with the protection of right to intellectual property Such as research, paintings, photography, drama, software etc. are mostly considered as intellectual property in this present digital world. One of […]

Trademark Registration

A Trademark is a distinctive word or symbol, which represent any business or products and distinguish the goods and services different traders. In Bangladesh trademark registration procedure is performed by the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks. To register a trademark in Bangladesh an applicant must file application for trademark registration to the DPDT (Registry […]

Branch Office & Liason Office (BIDA)

As per the existing laws in Bangladesh, branch serves as an extension of its parent company, meaning, there will be no separate legal entity established. Its parent company is liable for the branch office’s debts or any other obligations and activities. With a prior approval from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), a branch can engage in […]

Foreign Company Registration

A foreigner also can set fully owned company in Bangladesh. As we know that The Companies Act 1994 deals with the statutory requirements for registration of a company and the statutory body is the RJSC. Bangladesh is positive about the incorporation of companies with 100% foreign equity. A wholly foreign owned enterprise can enter into […]

Asylum & Immigration Guideline

Asylum and immigration is the most popular topic in modern era for every country. Bangladesh is booming with its population, asylum problem and Immigration guideline is a most difficult task which can only be summarize by an expert opinion. Here we come with our expert team. For any kind of asylum and immigration guideline you […]

Foreign Power of Attorney

Foreign Power of Attorney is a that kind of written document which allows an applicant who is staying abroad to assign a person to manage his/her affairs in Bangladesh. Procedure of conducting a power of attorney regulated by the “the Power of Attorney Act–2015”. Basically it is an agreement between the principal and the agent. […]

Attestation of Documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Documents which are originated in Bangladesh must be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If anybody wants to attest documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate, certificates etc. then can communicate with us. We have built a strong communication with different government office due to our previous work and experience. Video link on Attestation of Documents […]

Explosive/Fire License

Bangladesh is popular for factory purpose. Thousands of workers worked in a single factory. There can be different kind of accident, but fire accident in this present situation is going worse day by day. Fire license is a mandatory for each and every factory incorporated in Bangladesh. It is regulated by the Fire Prevention and […]