ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is a method of resolving disputes out of the judicial process using a neutral third party. Apart from this it is an informal method other than court actions.

Arbitration is a way of solving the dispute without going to the court. It can be used to settle any kind of dispute. Basically it is a procedure where a dispute is submitted then arbitrators make a decision on the parties and it’s a binding decision.

Mediation – Mode to resolve the dispute between the concerned parties. Nowadays it is rapidly growing in Bangladesh. It is cost effective, less time-consuming process other than court litigations. Here the mediator helps the parties to reach a mutual settlement which is satisfactory to both the parties. This kind of settlement is an enforceable contract.

Law For Nations mediate cases in which personally parties refer to us. In these cases we select a skilled and experienced mediator from our team to handle the matter. For this purpose you can book an appointment with our firm.