The High Court Division ordinarily do not interfere in matters relating to tender or contract. But in certain cases the High Court can exercise its writ jurisdiction under article 102 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh when attempting to impose its decision on an employer regarding the acceptance or rejection of a tender bid, unless there is a glaringly obvious and significant issue that is brought to light. when exercising the power of judicial review in matters related to tenders or contract awards, certain specific aspects should be taken into consideration. It was acknowledged that the evaluation of tenders and the awarding of contracts are fundamentally commercial functions, where the principles of fairness and natural justice have limited applicability. If the decision regarding the contract award is made in good faith and serves the public interest, the courts will refrain from interfering through the exercise of judicial review, even if there are procedural irregularities, assessment errors, or potential harm to a tenderer.

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