Writ means a written document by which one is summoned or required to do or refrain from doing something. It is a very important legal remedial right of the people of a welfare state for the purpose of enforcement and implementation of substantive law, where there has been an infringement of their fundamental rights, i.e. the illegal act of authority, error of law etc. The main object of the writ is to safeguard the fundamental right of the people and to make enforcement of people’s rights. In Bangladesh this right is exercised through the filing of a written document, i.e. writ petition to the High Court Division of the Supreme Court as per the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladeshunder Article 102 of Bangladesh for its directions or orders on various matters, one of them is  service matter.  Service matter includes- appointment to the service, removal from service and all other matters relating to the service.


Law for Nations has represented a number of writ petition regarding service matter successfully.