The Family Courts Ordinance, 1985 deals with the cases related to custody of children. As per law father is the legal and natural guardian of the children and he has the right of custody until the child attain the age of majority under the the Majority Act 1875. But the mother has the right of custody up to the age of seven years in case of a male child, and up to the age of puberty in case of a female child. Recently various precedents have been developed regarding child custody by the decisions of the higher courts. The gist of such decisions is that the family court’s power to determine the custody of a child is not limited to mere observance of the ‘age rule’, the paramount consideration is to be the concept of the welfare and best interest of the minor child. Now, in the question of child’s welfare the deviation from the literal application of the age rule is permissible. However, if the court allows mother the physical custody of her children, father continues to be the guardian of the child as he is supposed to support the child financially.

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