Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) is set up by the Ministry of Planning to fulfill the objectives of the Public Procurement Act and Rules in relation to the tender matters of Bangladesh . In a particular tender, if any dispute arises then it has to be resolved as per Rule 57 of the Public Procurement Rules 2008. And the review panel of CPTU is the appellate authority to resolve any tender dispute. As per PPR, in case of any complaint the tender must have to submit its complaint before the procuring entity who issued the tender or proposed document. The time to response with the complaint is 7 days. If the tenderer is not satisfied with the result of the procuring authority, then the tenderer can submit his complaint before the head of procuring entity. The head of procuring entity should respond within 3 days. The next tier of submitting the complaint is before the secretary of the concern ministry. The secretary should response within 7 days. If the tenderer is not satisfied with the response of the secretary then the tenderer may prefer an appeal before the review panel of CPTU.

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