Cyber Tribunal

Cyber and technology related crime is gradually increasing in Bangladesh. It is a significant issue in Bangladesh. It has already been seen that a glomming threat becomes visible in the arena of information technology. According to section 68 of the Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006 --- for the speedy and effective disposal of cases [...]

Administrative Tribunal & Appellate Tribunal

Administrative Tribunal is a body set-up to exercise jurisdiction in respect of matters to, or arising out of the republic, or of any statutory public authority. Article 117 of the Constitution of Bangladesh sanctions the setting up of administrative tribunals. Administrative tribunals in Bangladesh owe their existence to the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1980. The emergence [...]

Labour Appellate Tribunal

The labour Appellate Tribunal shall consist 1 of a chairman or the government deems fit of a chairman and such number of members as determined by the government additional judge of the high court division (section 218(1 of The Labour Code of Bangladesh, 2006). The chairman of the tribunal shall be from amongst persons who [...]

Customs & VAT Appellate Tribunal

Customs, Excise and VAT Appellate Tribunal constituted in 1995 under the Customs Act 1969. The Tribunal consists of both technical and judicial members, one of whom is appointed by the government as the President of the Tribunal. The technical member must be a member of NBR or a Commissioner of Customs and Excise having at [...]

Taxes Appellate Tribunal

There are different orders of tax authorities by which assessee may be aggrieved. The aggrieved assessee can appeal to appropriate appeal forum. Taxes Appellate Tribunal is the highest Judicial authority in determining factual point of income tax cases. But in the case of law point, the appellant can go with a reference application to the [...]