Against the order of the High Court Division the aggrieved person can file an appeal before the  Honourable Appellate Division. The proceedings of filing the petition for leave to appeal before the appellate division are different in civil and criminal cases. If the petitioner did not get the certified copy of the impugned order then he has to file Civil/Criminal Miscellaneous Petition for Leave to Appeal. The appeal as of right under Article 103(2) of the constitution is to file file within 30 days from the date of order of the High Court Division.

In criminal cases, generally the Appellate Division does not grant leave in criminal cases except in exceptional or special circumstances where substantial and grave injustice has been done, and the case presents special features requiring review of the decision or where there is non-compliance of legal procedure. Bail is a matter of discretion, but when High Court Division took erroneous view of law in refusal of bail, or where there is no prima facie case but refused bail, or the discretion is exercised improperly or arbitrary or imposed unreasonable condition in granting bail or cancelled the bail arbitrarily, leave may be granted by the Appellate Division.

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