The High Court Division has original jurisdiction regarding company matters. The Companies Act 1994 gives the High Court Division original jurisdiction to entertain cases as of first instance. Section 3 of the Companies Act, 1994 provides in the head of “Court of Jurisdiction” that the court under the Companies Act shall be the High Court Division. One of the Benches in the High Court Division is given this jurisdiction and is known as Company Bench. There may be variety of disputes regarding the company matters which come up for enforcement before the High Court Division . Generally, the following matters are specified by the Companies Act:

  • Dispute regarding the change of name of company;
  • Dispute regarding alteration of memorandum and articles;
  • Dispute regarding transfer of shares;
  • Dispute regarding inspection of register of members and index;
  • For rectification of register;
  • Dispute regarding alteration of share capital, reduction and increasement of the share capital or members of the company;
  • Dispute regarding Annual Genral Meeting (AGM) and notice of the meeting;
  • Dispute regarding appointment and removal of Director;
  • Dispute regarding the classification of the shares;
  • Dispute regarding return as to allotment of shares and issuance of share at a discount;
  • Dispute regarding registration of mortgage;
  • Power to compromise with creditors and members;
  • Dispute regarding the interest of the minority;
  • Dispute regarding winding up of the company.


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