A Suit for recovery of money is called money suit. Money suit is a civil relief and acts as an effective remedy to recover money from the defaulter. The suit can be filed under Order IV of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (CPC). It is a summary suit (Order 37, Code of Civil Procedure) that offers speedy disposal of the suit as here the defendant is not required to defend as a matter of right. The time period for filing a money suit is 3 years from the date when the cause of action arises. Every person having right to sue, can file a money suit. Though for recovery of money, suit in the civil court is prime option but there is also option to file a criminal case for recovery of money under section 406/420 of the Penal Code, 1860. Besides, there is a faster way to recover the money from the person who borrowed the money from the lender out of the court settlement through arbitration or conciliation but it does not work in all situations.

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