According to the section 47 of the Inland Shipping Ordinance, 1976  there shall be constituted one or more Marine Courts consisting of a Magistrate of the first class to try the offences punishable under this Ordinance. The Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, determine the jurisdiction of the Marine Courts, if the number of court is more than one. The Marine Court trying the offences punishable under this chapter shall be assisted by not less than two or more than four assessors of whom one shall be a person conversant with maritime affairs and the other or others shall be person or persons conversant with navigation of inland ships or mercantile or marine engineering affairs. Every assessor of a Marine Court shall, unless he is for sufficient reason permitted absence on any day by the Magistrate constituting the Court, attend every proceeding of the court and shall deliver his opinion in writing which shall be recorded on the proceedings.


Law for Nations has represented a mentionable number of cases before Marine Court successfully.