In Christianity, marriage is considered to be eternal and lifelong union and therefore there is no mention of divorce or dissolution of marriage. Christian personal law also does not permit divorce. However, Christian divorce is possible on limited grounds. In Bangladesh, the Divorce Act of 1869 has mentioned provisions for the dissolution of Christian marriage by order of the High court. Under the provisions of Section 3 of the Divorce Act,1869 any Christian husband may file a petition to the District Judge’s Court or the High Court Division to dissolve the marriage on the reasons of adultery.


In the same way, as per section 10, a wife can make such a petition to any court for dissolution of marriage on the grounds as follows:


  • If the husband has converted to any other religion from Christianity and has married any other woman.
  • Adultery committed by Husband.
  • If the husband has been guilty of marriage with another woman.
  • Rape or bestiality
  • If the husband has been deserted for 2 years along with adultery.
  • If the husband been guilty of cruelty along with adultery


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