When one talks of freedom fighters the normal image that comes to one’s mind is a person who suffered physically and mentally for unshackling the chains of Pakistani rule in our country. The normal reaction when one sees such person is one of reverence, regard and respect. The brave and courageous deeds of these persons are a distinctive part of Bangladesh’s fight for freedom. Many persons lost their lives, properties & many were injured. The common thread which must have passed through the minds of these people is their sole objective to see that their motherland has a government of its own, free from foreign rule. But these images get shattered when one hears that with a view to gain financially, vague documents have been made. It is a sad reflection on the moral values of the citizens of our country that a large number of cases have surfaced where it has been established that people who born even after 1971 have applied for freedom fighter certificate to get pensionary and other allied benefits. Thus, it is noted that a lot of fraud has been practiced in respect of claims for freedom fighters & real freedom fighters were deprived. To get proper remedy regarding freedom fighter’s matter, one can file writ petition to the High Court Division of the Supreme Court as per the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under Article 102.


Law for Nations has represented a number of writ petition regarding freedom fighter matters successfully.