Public Interest Litigation means litigation for the preservation of public interest. If public wrong or injury is identified by any member of the public, he/she has option to file a writ petition on behalf of the group of people or vulnerable section of the community. ‘Public Interest Litigation’ is stated under Article 102 of the Constitution. Article 102(1) enables court to uphold a ruling when a breach of fundamental rights has been happened. Such kind of rights has been described under Part III of the Constitution. In this Article, Sub-Article 102(1)(a) authorizes court to uphold an order imposing government to take action what is required by law and not to take action what is forbidden by law. Particularly these litigations may arise if the victim does not have essential resources to commence litigation or for any reason, his liberty to proceed the court has been impeded and violated. In this respect, court can hold cognizance of the issue as well as proceed suo motu or litigation can begin if any public-spirited person or organisation files any petition.


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