Compensation Case

As per Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 Section 150, it provides “if a worker injured by an accident bodily by accident arising out of and in the course of his employment, his employer shall be liable to pay compensation in accordance with the provisions”. This compensation or financial benefits may be helpful for these victim or [...]

Dismissal/Discharge/Termination from Service

A worker may be dismissed without a notice or without wages in lieu of a notice if he/she is- (a) convicted of any criminal offence (b) found guilty of misconduct after following the procedures for punishment. A worker may be discharged from service for reasons of physical illness or mental incapacity or continued ill-health certified [...]

Wages Case

The Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 is the main legislation governing the rights and terms of service of a worker. The Act is supplemented by the Bangladesh Labour Rules, 2015. The Act ensures the rights of a worker in respect of wages/salaries, working hours, leaves and working conditions and provides procedural safeguards against unfair termination, dismissal, [...]

Criminal Case

Section 34(1) of the The Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 strictly prohibits employment of any child in the establishment. By section 2(63) “Child” means a person who has not completed 14th years of age. By section 34(2), an adolescent may be employed subject to having a certificate of fitness issued by a registered medical practitioner. The [...]