Affidavit Costs in Bangladesh

Understanding Affidavit Costs in Bangladesh: An In-Depth Guide

In Bangladesh, the legal process often necessitates the use of affidavits, whether it’s for name correction, marriage, or other official matters. Understanding the costs associated with these affidavits is crucial for individuals seeking to navigate this aspect of the legal system.

Introduction to Affidavits in Bangladesh

An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, used as evidence in court. In Bangladesh, they are commonly used in various legal contexts. Understanding the affidavit process, including the cost, is essential for efficiently handling legal matters.

What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a formal written statement setting out facts as sworn or affirmed by the declarant, typically before a notary or a judicial officer. In Bangladesh, affidavits serve various legal functions, from name corrections to marital declarations.

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Key Elements of an Affidavit

An affidavit typically includes the following elements:

  1. Written Statement or Declaration: The core of the affidavit, outlining the facts or claims.
  2. Oath or Affirmation: A formal promise to tell the truth, administered by a legal authority.
  3. Authorized Administration: Typically by a notary public, magistrate, or commissioner.

Types of Affidavits in Bangladesh

  • Judicial Matters: Used in court proceedings and require stringent adherence to legal standards.
  • Non-Judicial: Used for personal declarations, such as name corrections or marital status, and typically incur lower costs.

Common Uses of Affidavits in Bangladesh

Affidavit for Court Purposes;

Affidavit for correction of Birthdate:

Affidavit for correction of Name;

Affidavit for Marriage;

Affidavit of insolvency for financial support;

Affidavit for Divorce;

Affidavit for lost passport;

 Affidavit for showing financial solvency for the Bangladeshi students who are willing to go USA, Uk Canada, and Australia for higher studies;

Affidavit for not working;

Affidavit for anti-ragging;

Affidavit for compromising a compoundable criminal case;

Affidavit for Joint Owners;

Affidavit for filing a motion and other applications  before the High Court Division;

Affidavit for Contract of Pupilage to become a lawyer;

Affidavit for buying or selling a vehicle or to register;

Affidavit for the change of religion;

Affidavit for change/specimen signature;

Affidavit regarding bona fide/legitimate marriage for visa/immigration/other purposes;

Affidavit regarding late birth registration and relationship for USCIS Request for Evidence (RFE) notice, visa, immigration, and other purposes;

Affidavit regarding unmarried certificate for visa/immigration/other purposes.

Affidavit for sponsorship of students regarding visa/immigration/other purposes.

Understanding Affidavit Costs in Bangladesh

The cost of affidavits in Bangladesh varies based on the type and complexity of the affidavit. This section will delve into the components of these costs, offering insights into what to expect financially when preparing an affidavit.

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Factors Influencing Affidavit Costs

  1. Type of Affidavit: Judicial affidavits typically cost more due to their formal nature, whereas non-judicial affidavits like those for name corrections or marriage may be less expensive.
  2. Professional Fees: The costs often include fees for legal advice, drafting, and notarization.
  3. Administrative Charges: These may include stamp fees, filing fees, and other related expenses.

Detailed Look at Specific Affidavit Costs

  • Affidavit for Name Correction: This section elaborates on the specific costs and procedures involved in obtaining an affidavit for name correction in Bangladesh.
  • Affidavit of Marriage: Discusses the expenses and legal requirements for a marriage affidavit.
  • General Legal Affidavits: Outlines the costs for common legal affidavits required in various situations.

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Finding an Affidavit Lawyer in Bangladesh

For those unfamiliar with the legal process, finding a reliable “affidavit lawyer near me” can simplify the process. This section guides locating and choosing the right legal professional for your affidavit needs.

Why Seek Professional Help?

  1. Expertise in Legal Procedures: A lawyer can guide you through the complexities of legal documentation.
  2. Accuracy and Compliance: Ensuring that your affidavit meets all legal standards and requirements.
  3. Cost-Effective Solutions: Professional advice can help avoid unnecessary expenses and delays.

Procedure for Making an Affidavit in Bangladesh

  1. Gather Necessary Information: Collect all required details, including personal information and the specific statement for the affidavit.
  2. Draft the Affidavit: Carefully prepare the written statement, focusing on clarity and factual accuracy.
  3. Swear the Affidavit: Visit a notary public, magistrate, or commissioner to affirm the truthfulness of the affidavit.

Online Affidavits: A Convenient Option

With advancements in technology, obtaining an affidavit online is now possible in Bangladesh. This section explores how to utilize online platforms like for preparing and processing affidavits.

Benefits of Online Affidavits

  1. Convenience: Prepare and process affidavits from the comfort of your home.
  2. Time-Saving: Eliminates the need to physically visit legal offices.
  3. Streamlined Process: Simplifies the affidavit preparation and submission process.

Conclusion: Navigating Affidavit Costs and Procedures in Bangladesh

Understanding the costs and procedures associated with affidavits in Bangladesh is key to handling legal matters effectively. Whether you’re dealing with a name change, marriage, or other legal declarations, being informed about the affidavit process, including costs and legal assistance, is crucial.

1. What services does offer?

Answer: specializes in providing online legal services, with a focus on preparing affidavits for various purposes such as name correction, marriage, and more. We also offer comprehensive legal assistance and advice in various domains of law.

2. How can I create an affidavit online through

Answer: To create an affidavit online, simply visit our website and provide the necessary information, including your electronic signature. We will draft your affidavit on stamp paper and coordinate its execution through our online platform, with a scheduled appointment with a Certified Notary Public of the Bangladesh Government.

3. What is the cost of preparing an affidavit through

Answer: The cost varies depending on the type of affidavit and services required. It typically includes fees for drafting, advocate charges, and administrative expenses. For specific details, please refer to our website or contact us directly.

4. Are online affidavits legally valid in Bangladesh?

Answer: Yes, online affidavits prepared through our platform are legally valid. They are drafted and executed in compliance with Bangladeshi law, ensuring their acceptance in legal proceedings.

5. Can I get an affidavit for name correction through

Answer: Absolutely. We offer affidavits for name correction, where you can submit your details online, and we handle the rest of the process, ensuring legal compliance and accuracy.

6. What is the process for obtaining a marriage affidavit through your service?

Answer: To obtain a marriage affidavit, you need to provide the necessary personal details and information about your marital status on our website. We will then draft the affidavit and guide you through the process of legalizing it.

7. How long does it take to process an affidavit through

Answer: The processing time can vary based on the complexity of the affidavit and the current workload. However, we strive to complete the process as quickly as possible, often within a few days of receiving all necessary information.

8. Is my personal information secure with

Answer: Yes, your privacy and the security of your personal information are our top priorities. We employ advanced security measures to protect your data throughout the affidavit preparation process.

9. Can assist with legal affidavits for court purposes?

Answer: Yes, we can assist with drafting and preparing legal affidavits for various court purposes, ensuring they meet all legal requirements and standards.

10. What should I do if I need legal advice in addition to an affidavit?

Answer: If you require legal advice, offers consultation services. You can schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers to discuss your specific legal needs.

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