A “Legal Notice” is a formal and written legal communication which is sent to the opposite party by the aggrieved party through an Advocate. In another words it’s a written communication between both the parties. The objective of Legal Notice is to notify the opposite party about undertaking his/her legal actions stated in the Legal Notice if the demands stated in the notice is not fulfilled.
Most often there arise some circumstances where we should send legal notices in order to resolve the matter. It can be served as a warning which describes that the intention of the sender is to bring a law suit against the opposite party if they do not eager to solve the matter within given time mentioned in the legal notice. Legal notice can be sent in many circumstances like delivery of the property, mortgage, partition, returning of money etc.

If you want to send any legal notices then please don’t be hesitate to communicate with us. Our communication team is always ready to hear from you. Just make a call and fixed an appointment.