Against the order of the High Court Division the aggrieved person can file an appeal before the  Honourable Appellate Division. The proceedings of filing the petition for leave to appeal before the appellate division are different in civil and criminal cases. If the petitioner gets certified copy of the impugned order then he has to file Civil/Criminal Petition for Leave to Appeal. The appeal as of right under Article 103(2) of the constitution is to file file within 30 days from the date of order of the High Court Division.

In civil cases, the leave will generally not be granted on question of fact, but where a decision concluded from the facts not proved or ignoring the important evidence which affects the assessment of evidence or the High Court Division interfered with the findings of fact in revision, the leave to appeal may be granted by the Appellate Division. A leave will not be granted on the new plea which was not raised earlier, but the question of law can be raised at first time. Where a relief granted by the High Court Division in its discretion, the Appellate Division will not interfere, but if the exercise of the discretion is arbitrary, unreasonable or is not accord with the accepted principle, the leave may be granted.

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