Any agreement or any promise made between two or more persons that is valid in the eyes of law is a contract. Sometimes the agreement or promises so made by the party are not fulfilled which leads to the breach of contract. Whenever any person suffers from any injury or loss as a result of any breach of contract, he may claim compensation for the loss or injury suffered by him as a result of that act. According to Section 73 of the Contract Act, 1872  a person is entitled to receive compensation for the following damages caused by the defaulter party:

(a) Damages which arose in the natural and usual course of things from such breach can be claimed by the injured party. The breach of contract must be directly related to the injury caused by the defaulting party. If the injury is such that it is remotely linked to the breach of contract, then no compensation will be awarded by the court of law in the suit for damages.

(b) Sometimes damages are known to the parties when the parties enter into any contract that the damages will arise as likely to result from the breach of contract. Those damages can also be claimed. These damages are known as special damages.

(c) While calculating the damages to be awarded to the injured party, it must be noted that the means which are used for remedying the inconvenience so caused by the breach of contract must also be taken into account for the calculation of the damages to be awarded to the injured party.

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