Over the past decades, several evictions have taken place on a grand scale, and that exclusionary urban development model persists to this day. Any person feels aggrieved can file a writ petition against the illegal eveiction of any govt. bodies under article 102 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Here person aggrieved” does not mean only a person aggrieved personally, but also one whose “heart bleeds” for the aggrieved persons. The Supreme Court has construed the right to shelter as an integral part of right to life (Article 32). Writs are used to stay eviction orders, pass injunctions for fair resettlement, and encourage a participatory approach to settlement planning. The constitution has been interpreted progressively in favour of the settlement dwellers through these writs. Such broad interpretation by the court in these writs has provided a crucial foundation for building the housing right jurisprudence in Bangladesh.

In the recent years, law for nations has filed a number of writs to challenge evictions.