Vetting of legal documents is an essential and crucial task in these modern commercial days. Vetting means conducting a crucial examination of those documents which are executed in terms of law.

In Bangladesh every person has a dream of “Buying Property” and it is considered as a major achievement in our life. End of the day it’s a matter of joy. But we often heard that a single piece of land sold to multiple people and builders fled with the money.

It is because of lack of knowledge vetting and many of us are scared to purchase desired property. It is the opportunity where we come with our excellent team to give exact and smooth solution for people by doing vetting on property documents.
At first we gather the information about the property, then check the chain of ownership, khatiyan & verify the khatiyan, then confirm the NOC and the NEC analyze the land tax chain. We review the plan and verify the property.

Video link on Vetting on Property Documents: