Affidavit Costs in Bangladesh

Understanding Affidavit Costs in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Affidavit Costs in Bangladesh: An In-Depth Guide In Bangladesh, the legal process often necessitates the use of affidavits, whether it’s for name correction, marriage, or other official matters. Understanding the costs associated with these affidavits is crucial for individuals seeking to navigate this aspect of the legal system. Introduction to Affidavits in Bangladesh An […]

Affidavit Related Matter & Laws in Bangladesh

What is an affidavit: A statement or declaration made in writing under oath or affirmation by an adult before the person having the authority to administer oath or affirmation is known as an affidavit. Affidavits can be used in a wide range of circumstances, including legal proceedings, property conflicts, immigration challenges, marital problems, divorce problems, […]

Taxation in Bangladesh

Taxation in Bangladesh

Taxation in Bangladesh In Bangladesh, the principal taxes are Customs duties, Value-Added-Tax (VAT), supplementary duty, income tax and corporation tax. CONTENTS 1. Income tax 2. Value Added Tax 3. Corporate tax rates 4. Tax holidays 5. National Board of Revenue Income tax The history of income tax in Bangladesh dates back to 1860 when it […]

How to file a Cheque Dishonor case?

How to file a Cheque Dishonor case? Now a day’s Cheque Dishonor is most common issue in our society. A Cheque dishonor case is filed under the The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. Furthermore This Act has been amended many times since 1881. Section 138 of this act deals with Cheque Dishonor issue. Sometimescheques bearing large […]