income tax return

Income Tax Return in Bangladesh

Income Tax Return Procedure in Bangladesh 2024: Income tax is payable on income or dividends of individuals or entities as per the Income Tax Act of 2023. It includes income tax, additional tax, additional profit tax, penalties, interest, or recoverable amounts according to the Ordinance. Essentially, it’s compulsory money given to the government for state […]

divorce procedures in bangladesh

Divorce Law & Procedure in Bangladesh

what is Divorce: Divorce means the formal ending of marital life between the husband and wife. Through divorce both the husband and wife lost their conjugal rights along with other marital rights upon one another. Though divorce is allowed in few of the religions in the world, but now a days it is happened in people […]

Affidavit Related Matter & Laws in Bangladesh

What is an affidavit: A statement or declaration made in writing under oath or affirmation by an adult before the person having the authority to administer oath or affirmation is known as an affidavit. Affidavits can be used in a wide range of circumstances, including legal proceedings, property conflicts, immigration challenges, marital problems, divorce problems, […]