Generally there are four types of civil litigations filed before the High Court Division:

  1. 1. First Appeal (Appeal against ad-interim order)
  2. 2. First Misc. Appeal (Appeal against decree of original suit)
  3. 3. Civil Revision (Section 115 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 has conferred the revisional power on the High Court Division)
  4. 4. Transfer Appeal

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh (High Court Division) Rules, 1973, deals with the constitution of the Bench of the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Generally there are noticed two types of Benches in the High Court Division, i.e. the Division Bench comprising of two judges and the Single Bench comprising of one judge. There may be special Bench directed to form by Chief Justice of Bangladesh, consists of thee judges.

Appeal heard by Single Bench:

All Appeals against orders or decrees wherein the valuation of the suit property does not exceed Tk. 6,00,00,000/-. All appeals arising out of suits or proceedings in which no specific valuation is specified or required by the relevant law.

Appeal heard by the Division Bench:

All Appeals from order and decrees are heard by a Division Bench if the valuation said appeal exceeds Tk. 6,00,00,000/-.